ASTM International is an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services.


US Silicones provides a wide variety of custom silicone products specifically for the Automotive Industry.

ZZR-765 All Grades

This mil spec silicone rubber is very versatile, offers a suitable balance of oil resistance, stability, strength, and great flame resistance.

Customer Given Specifications

US Silicones will produce a custom silicone product to the exact weight, length, size, shape and color that is specified by our customer.

Packaging from 25 to 1000 lbs containers

We can deliver our silicone products in a variety of containers depending on our customer packaging and shipping needs. (See photos of samples)

Pelletizing / Strip Shot Weights

At US Silicones we can produce silicone pellets and strips to the exact weight and color specified by our customer. (See photos of samples)

Strip, Coil and Wig Wag Capabilities

The US Silicone team can produce a wide variety of silicone in coils, strips, and wig wag to the specifications you need.

Complete Customization

US Silicones custom builds each of their silicone products to meet exactly what our customer needs.

Color Matching

At US Silicones we can match any Pantone (PMS), RAL color or custom color that a customer specifies. (See photos of color samples)

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US Silicones products serve a wide variety of industries. In doing so, we offer market-oriented solutions for a great number of applications.


As a qualified silicone extrusion partner we provide expertise in all of the aspects of silicone extrusion. We understand the critical demands of the industry.


The US Silicone team has over 100 combined years of experience in making the material for compression and transfer molding, so you can trust we will have the solutions to your silicone product needs.


Fluorosilicone rubber is an elastomer and at US Silicones we can compound it to meet a wide range of applications. The mechanical and physical properties are very similar to silicone rubber. However, fluorosilicone offers improved fuels and mineral oil resistance.


US Silicones expert polymer engineers, quality and production personnel formulate custom elastomer solution for a customer's specific demands. In addition to high tolerance, our silicone solutions offer the extreme surface smoothness required to eliminate image imperfection.


US Silicones provides silicone that is electrically and thermally conductive specified in applications requiring the transmission of electrical current or heat between the bonded substrates.


Whether in cars or trucks, in automotive interiors or in engine compartments: US Silicones can produce quality silicone for the automotive sector.